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Data layer testing: guarantee the quality of your data

(Re)take control of your data by testing your Data Layer at regular intervals.

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"Mr Suricate has allowed us to implement our automated tests quickly and more importantly make them easily maintainable, which we were unable to do before. Our POs are autonomous in reading the results, which will help make our quality domain more efficient and agile." 


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Automate all your tests on a single SaaS solution.

Simple & No-Code

Automate your tests without programming.
Easy to use for non-technical profiles.


Run your tests in sequence on real devices (Desktop, App
Mobile and API)

Without integration

No code to install.
Accelerated time to market

Complete Solution

Our R&D has provided an answer to every problem encountered by our customers, making it the all-round solution.

Data Layer tests

A data layer is a layer on your website that contains all the data generated by visitors interacting with your site. Not all websites have a data layer, but having one makes data collection more reliable, consistent and flexible.

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The main advantages of a Data Layer

Alignment :

A data layer forces you to find consistent naming conventions. For example, the marketing team and developers need to agree on a page name. This could be "pageID" or simply "name".

By establishing this from the outset, not only will both teams know how to refer to this specific value, but analysis tools will also know.

To create a Data Layer, your teams need to agree on the data to be collected: "What data is important to us as a company?".


A data layer is not rigid and immutable. It allows you to develop your analyses and optimize them according to your needs.

Once configured, it can evolve at the pace of your business, and there are probably many future use cases for your data layer that you may not be aware of at present.

Why is data layer testing important?

A website is a highly volatile environment, and resources such as the data layer and marketing tags are likely to change and even interfere with other technologies installed on the site.

Test your Data Layer regularly with Mr Suricate

Your data layer, as the information hub for so many marketing and analysis technologies, deserves regular attention and care.

A data layer adds considerable value to your analysis and marketing tools only if it works as intended.

To see a data layer test in action using our no-code automated testing tool, schedule a demo!