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Challenges in the Healthcare & Pharma sector

In the healthcare and pharma sector, key challenges include compliance with strict and changing regulations, the integration of technology and digitization, managing data security and confidentiality, the need for rapid innovation in the face of evolving diseases and treatments, and intense competition. In addition, the delivery of high-quality healthcare and the enhancement of the patient experience are central concerns.

In this context, automated tests play a crucial role. They guarantee the reliability and efficiency of digital healthcare systems, ensure the security of sensitive data and transactions, enhance the user experience and contribute to regulatory compliance.

We take care of delivering unique automated tests for your processes. 

Why automate your tests with Mr Suricate ?

functional test - Mr Suricate

Functional tests

Test the functionality of your site or mobile application to make sure it performs as you expect.

Tests iOS and Android mobile applications on real devices

Tests iOS and Android mobile applications on real devices

Test your mobile application in real conditions, on real devices, and check that your users have a smooth and bug-free navigation.

Mr Suricate API test

API tests

Control the monitoring in production, the speed of the API request and the compliance of the API responses.

data layer

Data Layer Tests

Strengthen the monitoring of your tagging plan by testing your datalayers, analytics tags and marketing tags.

Graphical tests

Check that your site or mobile application looks like its previous version in "pixel perfect" mode, and that there is legal compliance.

performance test - Mr Suricate

Performance tests

Determine the fluidity of your site or mobile application to control response times and improve your software's responsiveness if necessary.

accessibility test - Mr Suricate

Accessibility testing

Increase your traffic by making sure your site or application is accessible to everyone.

charge test

Charge test

These tests measure your site's or application's ability to handle large volumes of traffic. They are essential to ensure that your platform remains stable and efficient even under heavy load.

 Mr Suricate SEO testing

SEO Test

These tests evaluate your site's search engine optimization, checking aspects such as site structure, meta tags, and search engine friendliness to improve your online visibility.

safety precheck

Safety Pre-Check

These tests are focused on the security of your site or application, identifying and resolving potential vulnerabilities to protect against online threats and attacks.


Multi-Cloud Course

This testing approach enables you to evaluate the performance and reliability of your application or website in multi-cloud environments, ensuring a consistent user experience, whatever cloud platform you use.

Cross Platform

Cross-platform testing

These tests ensure that your site or app performs optimally across various platforms and devices, which is crucial for reaching a large audience.

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