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Safe routes on all platforms thanks to safety tests.

Ensure the reliability of your network and systems with a test tool that detects any suspicious activity.

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"Mr Suricate has allowed us to implement our automated tests quickly and more importantly make them easily maintainable, which we were unable to do before. Our POs are autonomous in reading the results, which will help make our quality domain more efficient and agile." 


David Spire

Head of Product Delivery, B&B Hotels

Automate all your tests on a single SaaS solution.

Simple & No-Code

Automate your tests without programming.
Easy to use for non-technical profiles.


Run your tests in sequence on real devices (Desktop, App
Mobile and API)

Without integration

No code to install.
Accelerated time to market

Complete Solution

Our R&D has provided an answer to every problem encountered by our customers, making it the all-round solution.

Safety tests

Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and businesses need to take proactive measures to protect themselves against online threats.

One of the most effective ways of preventing a hack is to set up a test tool that alerts you to a cyber attack.

Security footprint

And what do we risk?

  • Hacking, or Web attack, can be linked to two types of vulnerability:

1. Technical flaws (control weaknesses, lack of development rigor, cryptographic weaknesses)

  • 2. Logical flaws (weaknesses in the web application's business logic)
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For the unlucky, these flaws tend to lead to the following consequences:

  • - Illegal access to data
  • - Loss or modification of data
  • - Illegal access to certain website functions
  • - Malware installation
  • - Web server recovery
  • - And much more...

Why is IT security essential?

The consequences of a data breach can be devastating, ranging from the loss of your customers' trust to legal sanctions.

Mr Suricate - Automated test tool for Web security

Setting up a hacker alert test tool is a crucial step in protecting your business against online threats.

By investing in IT security and taking proactive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches and preserve your company's reputation.

The SaaS no-code Mr Suricate solution covers a wide range of automated tests, so you can control your acceptance testing and offer your users the best possible experience.