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Detect graphic bugs.
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(Re)take control of your applications and detect graphical bugs in real time on your websites, mobile apps and APIs by reproducing your user paths at regular intervals.

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"Mr Suricate has allowed us to implement our automated tests quickly and more importantly make them easily maintainable, which we were unable to do before. Our POs are autonomous in reading the results, which will help make our quality domain more efficient and agile." 


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Head of Product Delivery, B&B Hotels

Automate all your tests on a single SaaS solution.

Simple & No-Code

Automate your tests without programming.
Easy to use for non-technical profiles.


Run your tests in sequence on real devices (Desktop, App
Mobile and API)

Without integration

No code to install.
Accelerated time to market

Complete Solution

Our R&D has provided an answer to every problem encountered by our customers, making it the all-round solution.

Graphic tests

Graphical comparison tests are used to check that the site or mobile app displays correctly for all users. These tests are called comparison or non-regression tests, because they are used to check that the site or mobile app resembles its previous version to the nearest pixel (pixel perfect), and that it complies with legal requirements.

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Why do graphical non-regression tests?

According to Voucher cloud, 92.6% of users say that site design and visuals are the main factors in the purchasing action, so get on with it! After an interface modification or update, it's important to check that nothing has been disturbed in the design or ergonomics of your platform. On the visual side, there are often redesigns or improvements. What's more, with the multiplication of operating systems, web browsers and devices, it's becoming crucial to ensure that the user interface displays correctly on every possibility.

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But then, why not just do functional non-regression testing (NRT)?

They don't usually cover the visual aspects of the site or mobile application. A site can have a broken broken display and still be functionalFor example, an automaton could very well run a functional scenario on a non-compliant interface. Graphical non-regression tests fill in these gaps and detect potential visual bugs that would otherwise go undetected with functional tests.

Why automate graphical tests

Developers can take time after each new modification to manually scan pages for visual defects. However, this method is slow and complicated to do for an entire application or website, not to mention human error.

Graphical non-regression testing made easy with no-code automation

Checking the visual aspects of your user journeys is crucial to protecting your brand image.

A no-code test automation platform such as Mr Suricate makes these checks easy, so you can ensure visually perfect user journeys in the most efficient way possible.