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"Mr Suricate has allowed us to implement our automated tests quickly and more importantly make them easily maintainable, which we were unable to do before. Our POs are autonomous in reading the results, which will help make our quality domain more efficient and agile." 


David Spire

Head of Product Delivery, B&B Hotels

Automate all your tests on a single SaaS solution.

Simple & No-Code

Automate your tests without programming.
Easy to use for non-technical profiles.


Run your tests in sequence on real devices (Desktop, App
Mobile and API)

Without integration

No code to install.
Accelerated time to market

Complete Solution

Our R&D has provided an answer to every problem encountered by our customers, making it the all-round solution.

What is Green IT?

Green IT refers to more environmentally-friendly computing practices, aimed above all at minimizing the energy consumption of our digital tools and software.

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Why is digital also going green?

According to Frédéric Bourdagean expert in digital sobriety and founder of the website GreenIT.frit is estimated that the carbon footprint linked to digital activities represents around 5% of total global emissions, or around 2 gigatonnes of CO2.

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What can be done about it? That's where Green IT comes in!

One of the main elements of Green IT is the writing of energy-efficient codereducing to a minimum the resources needed to run software applications.

By optimizing algorithms and reducing computational complexity, developers can create a digital product that consumes less energy and generates less heatcontributing to a smaller carbon footprint.

In addition, minimizing the use of memory-intensive processes and eliminating redundant code can further improve energy efficiency. improve energy efficiency.

Why take the Green IT test now?

Automated testing offers several advantages in terms of digital sustainability, such as product product lifecycle optimization reduction carbon emissions and, of course test automation of course!

Mr Suricategoes green!

By reducing resource consumption, by optimizing the product life cycle and reducing carbon emissions through Green ITstrategies and practices, companies can integrate sustainability into their software development practices.

When it comes to Green IT, test automation is an indispensable practiceand at Mr Suricatewe cover a wide range of automated tests, so that you can control your acceptance testing and offer your users the best possible experience.