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Download our first white paper: All you need is test

Make testing easier, go for automation!

Learn how to easily build your test automation strategy in order to deliver a smooth, bug-free experience to your customers.

white paper

In this white paper, we reveal all our tips and tricks on the subject, the 7 steps to follow in order to start the process with your eyes closed, as well as the key factors of success and exclusive interviews with experts.

Thanks to this very complete guide, you will finally be able to :

👉 Understand the basics of testing

👉 And become a test automation pro, even without technical skills

👉 Construct your strategy efficiently and simply, according to your resources and needs

From defining your objectives to monitoring your results and choosing the best tool, this white paper will provide you with all the best practices to successfully embark on the test automation adventure.

Test automation is one of the most effective solutions for saving testing time, accelerating production, reducing time to market, saving money on test campaigns and, above all, improve the quality of your application.

But people often, wrongly, think that test automation is complex to set up and only concerns technical profiles. We will prove you the opposite with this white paper.

Download this white paper and easily create your automated tests!