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  • A personalized and free live demonstration
  • A first meeting with your future dedicated account manager
  • Listening to your needs
  • Advice tailored to your automated functional testing strategy from a team of experts

Mr Suricatethe market leader in automated functional testing

A SaaS solution

✔ Quick and easy set up

✔ Codeless

✔ Real-time bug detection and qualification.

✔ Feedback by email / ticketing tools / sms with screenshot and/or live video

✔Multi-environment / multi-device / multi-browser

✔Detailed incident report

✔Error categorization

✔Criticality of incidents


Personalized services

✔ Writing the recipe book

✔ Writing and sharing test cases.

✔ Scenario setup and supervision.

✔ Customized reporting

✔ Maintenance by a service center

✔ A human reproduction of bugs before escalation to partner teams.

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