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Increase your revenue by monitoring customer journeys in production.

The customer journey gathers all the main contact points of your customer on your website: from the homepage to the submission of an order for example. A well optimized customer journey is often a vector of growth. But beware of bugs!

So, let's face it, in many cases, your new features are properly tested before going live. But as a good driver, it is essential to be insured because as much as you remain master of your actions, you have very little influence on the other drivers.

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Stay in control of your actions

On your customer journey, it's the same, you have to be well insured. There are at least 2 external elements that can cause friction and bugs.
    1. Third party applications
    2. and other development bricks managed by external teams.

Your insurance in production is theautomation of functional tests.

  • saves time for both IT and the business,
  • we will have real-time feedback of bugs with the level of criticality and the category, accompanied by a screenshot or a video,
  • which means that the correction can be very fast at the time of the ascent.

Ongoing supervision with Mr Suricate

Mr Suricate can also report bugs or performance issues to the company's service providers before they are even aware of them, which makes the customer experience much smoother.

Thanks to this continuous supervision, we are able to detect bugs on sensitive paths (transaction for example) and make you gain in sales. This is what happened at Vertbaudet, resulting in an additional 2% of turnover.
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Improve the omnichannel experience.  

69% of consumers are ready to turn away from a brand that does not offer an omnichannel experience. But the quality of this experience must be up to par. 

LSA/HiPay study

Providing a satisfying omnichannel experience also means ensuring that it is fluid and frictionless. It's important to know that all it takes is a bug to scare a customer away and make them go look for the product on another site.

Test, always test

And to avoid bugs, there is no better solution than testing, testing and testing. This allows you to verify that all the functionalities of your website, your mobile application, your marketplace and other channels behave as expected, that there are no performance or security issues, etc.

The limit of manual testing

Then you could set up manual tests on each channel individually.

  • But that would be a huge waste of time, efficiency and, most importantly, quality.
  • To begin with, it is not the channel that should be the focus of your tests, but the customer.
  • And that means removing the barriers between channels and stop treating them independently, creating an immersive experience no matter where your consumers are.

And this is where manual testing finds its limit and where test automation is needed.

Automate your tests with Mr Suricate

With Mr Suricateyou don't have to worry about automating your tests.
You can run your tests easily and quickly on any channel: terminal, browser, device, operating system, etc. You can run tests on your website, your mobile application, your marketplace, your SMS communication, your in-store ordering software, etc.

And while you're at it, you can use the time to think about and develop new features that will further enhance your consumers' omnichannel experience.

Build credibility and user confidence with visual non-regression detection. 

Graphical comparison tests, or visual tests (yes, so many different variations for one and the same thing), are used to verify that the site or mobile application is displayed correctly for all users. Basically, it consists in making sure that each element (buttons, texts, photos, images...) of the same page appears in the right place, at the right size/color/shape, etc. We talk about comparison or non-regression because these tests are used to check that the site or mobile application looks like its previous version to the nearest pixel (pixel perfect) and its legal compliance.

By delivering a site or application without visual bugs, you ensure a superior product, and this not only helps. Many of our luxury clients use this feature to build credibility and user confidence in your business.

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Test automation for all and reduce production costs

B&B Hotels had agreed to answer a few questions in a cross interview. Mr Suricate Our solution has allowed them to save between 5 and 6 days per month, to do more production and faster. Unlike what is available on the market, our SaaS solution is adapted to a non-technical profile.

Our credo: open up test automation to everyone! Our ambition is to facilitate access to testing and to ensure that the business takes control of a sector still too accustomed to IT.

Strengthen the monitoring of your tagging plan by testing your datalayer, your analytics and marketing tags.

To deliver the best customer experience possible, it's important to understand your users' behavior when they navigate your site or application. But with an increasing number of interactions, between login buttons, add to cart, add to favorites, search bars, call-to-actions, contact forms, etc., ensuring effective tracking is becoming more and more complex. This is where the interest lies in creating a tagging plan, also called a tagging plan or datalayer in the jargon of web marketing.

Rather than pulling your hair out by performing manual datalayer tests at each new production startup, which can quickly become tedious and, above all, a real waste of time, consider automating them. Mr Suricate In particular, we have integrated this new feature to allow you to automatically check the triggering of your analytics events.

Optimized recruitment costs and easier career transition thanks to our automated testing solution for non-technical profiles

Finding the talent capable of creating high-performing functional tests seems almost as complex as writing the code, and even with the right candidate, test creation is a time-consuming process.

Fortunately, there are SaaS solutions for low-code non-techs that offer companies an alternative to hiring expensive profiles and long lead times. Thanks to an easy-to-use UX, onboarding is extremely simple even for someone without technical skills.

Such an agile testing approach allows for early detection of bugs, resulting in increased efficiency and the ability to execute test cases faster and more consistently. With a more efficient test cycle, time to market simultaneously accelerates.

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