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"Mr Suricate has allowed us to implement our automated tests quickly and more importantly make them easily maintainable, which we were unable to do before. Our POs are autonomous in reading the results, which will help make our quality domain more efficient and agile." 


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Automate all your tests on a single SaaS solution.

Simple & No-Code

Automate your tests without programming.
Easy to use for non-technical profiles.


Run your tests in sequence on real devices (Desktop, App
Mobile and API)

Without integration

No code to install.
Accelerated time to market

Complete Solution

Our R&D has provided an answer to every problem encountered by our customers, making it the all-round solution.

Non-regression tests.

In IT, regression occurs when a code change has an impact on existing code. This may be due to the correction of a bug, a software update, or the addition of a new feature.

Non-regression test

What is a regression (or non-regression) test?

According to the ISTQB definition, a regression test consists of testing a previously tested program, after a modification, to ensure that defects have not been introduced or discovered in unmodified parts of the software, as a result of the modifications made.

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In short, a regression test is used to check that changes made to the software, website or mobile application, such as the addition of a new feature or an update, have not impacted previously existing functionality. Let's take the example of a bicycle: if the wheel is changed, a regression test would consist of checking that, despite the wheel change, the brakes still work (but there's no need to check that the bicycle pump still hooks up properly). What's the difference between regression testing and non-regression testing? Actually, there isn't any. They're exactly the same thing. We use both terms. The ISTQB, for example, prefers the term regression test.

What are the different types of regression test?

Regression and non-regression tests can be performed in a number of ways. different ways, depending on the need or the company's resources.

Mr Suricate or how to automate your non-regression tests?

Non-regression tests have a real interest in being automated, and are often the tests that we recommend automating first.

Why? Because they're repetitive and time-consuming.

They're run every time a new feature or software update is deployed, and doing them all manually takes time, a lot of time, not to mention the fact that it requires you to do a lot of easy things, and the sequence will become tiresome and difficult. This is where the automation of regression test cases comes into its own.

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