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Automating your functional tests becomes child's play

Share, learn and test with our experts and our Codeless solution.

Our credo: open up test automation to everyone.

That's why we opted for a codeless and 100% online solution, adapted to non-technical profiles.

We also offer you our expertise to help you better understand the world of testing and support you in your strategies with sound advice.

Mr. Suricate, it is a service and a turnkey tool:

SaaS solution Mr Suricate

A SaaS solution

Our test automation tool detects, qualifies and reports bugs in real time.

Quick and easy to set up

Our SaaS solution is available 100% online and without installation / integration.


We have designed our interface to be easy to use for our customers.

We have made sure to centralize all the information you need.

Qualification and categorization of bugs

Our tool reports bugs, errors and anomalies with the qualification and the level of categorization that you will have defined beforehand.

Real-time bug detection

Our tool detects incidents in real time, then our testers reproduce the process by hand to determine if it is a real bug and ensure an effective feedback.

Feedback to teams

In case of a real bug, an alert is sent to your teams by the channel of your choice (slack, sms, email, jira...), accompanied by a screen shot and/or a live video to understand the anomaly.

Detailed reports and KPIs

The platform provides you with customized KPIs available at any time.

You will also find weekly and monthly reports.

visual mr suricate tool

Why automate your functional tests with Mr Suricate ?


Test automation can be complex to implement. Opting for outsourcing with Mr Suricateis not only to facilitate this process, but also to bring you many benefits.

Optimization of time to market

Delegate the implementation and execution of your tests to a team of experts

Preservation of your brand image

Preserve your brand image

Reduce your recipe phases

Reduce your time to market

From the test sns technical competence

Test without technical skills

Optimization of time to market

Improve your conversion rate

optimize your production launches

Have visibility on all your bugs

delegate the update and maintenance of the scenarios

Make your ROI profitable in a short time

smooth and bug-free customer journeys

Get smooth, bug-free customer journeys

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Learn how to build your test automation strategy simply to deliver a smooth, bug-free experience to your customers.

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And theIT ?

We help technical profiles to optimize their recipe and monitoring strategy with an ergonomic and feature-rich decision support tool.


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