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Mr Suricate brings a revolution to the testing market.

Delegate all your functional test campaigns to our team of experts while keeping your costs low.

Mr Suricate
Paris retail week 2019 award

We provide a full range of services, technical innovations and customized support…

We operate in the Production, Pre-Production, Testing environment.


Automated functional tests at the best cost

1 developer who uses Selenium handles 20 tests / month

1 Mr Suricate test operator handles 200 scenarios / month

Customized services thanks to a dedicated account manager

✔Sharing and writing test suite

✔Writing test cases

✔Regular follow-up of campaigns

✔ Sending weekly report with metric data and list of incidents

✔ Regular review by telephone, frequency adapted to our contact person or project manager

Access to detailed KPIs (functional and customized)

Reports to monitor the quality of your functionalities and the optimization of customer journeys.

A service center


Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Paris retail week 2019 award

Be notified in real time in the event of a malfunction

✔Real-time detection

✔Screenshots of errors

✔Human reproduction (by our operational team)

✔Detailed incident report

✔Classification of errors

✔Criticality of incidents

✔Feedback to the teams

Improve your responsiveness by upgrading the quality of your customer journey

The alerts raised by Mr Suricate allow you to step in before the bug affects the customer.

Allocate your human resources effectively

✔ Relieve your project managers of all test-related tasks.

✔ Save your developers for high value-added features.

Quick and easy to set up

✔A developed tool suited to non-developer profiles

✔Without integration (no modification on your servers, 100% online SaaS solution, campaign management possible via API)

Reduce your automated functional testing costs by 10.

Through its full service offers, Mr Suricate offers to offload all your functional test campaigns (scenario implementation, follow-up and maintenance) at a lower cost.


A human reproduction of the bugs before they are reported to the partner teams

Before each alert, Mr Suricate’s operational team reproduces the route and checks the bug reported by the tool. When the anomaly is found, you will be notified by email with a screen shot explaining the problem.

This human operation avoids false positive results.



Be alerted in real time in case of

Bugs lead to dissatisfactionof your customers and cause a loss of turnover.

The platform provides an interface that refocuses all the data from your campaigns, allowing you to optimize the quality of your customer journey.

Get reporting: Reports section

Access reports on your scenarios at any time thanks to a dashboard that allows you to monitor the quality of your functionalities.

Regular follow-up calls will be set up by your dedicated account manager to optimize your automated test campaigns. In addition, you will receive, every Monday, a complete and customized reporting.

Get Reporting: Dashboard section

Establish ROI from your automated functional test campaigns.

The platform provides an interface that refocuses all the data from your campaigns, allowing you to optimize the quality of your customer journey.

Let’s hear what our customers have to say about it …

«It’s mostly the service aspect that we can’t do without. Service providers with whom we work on other subjects have offered us other test methods and solutions, but the scenario maintenance service is really the key argument!
We have limited resources, so it’s good to rely on these service providers!



Mathieu SOULA

Digital Project Manager, LAPEYRE

«Today it would be hard to do without it, automated testing is an integral part of our software testing strategy, daily execution and analysis by Mr Suricate saves us a lot of time in our work.»




« The daily testing environment takes a lot of time and energy from the teams. Using Mr Suricate on a daily basis has allowed us to process and secure our deliveries but has also saved the teams additional time.
The gain is therefore twofold: a reinforcement of our requirements on the quality of the testing environment and a reinvestment of our teams’ time on subjects with higher added value.

Grégory LAFONT

Functional Operations Manager , INTERSPORT

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