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Mr Suricate, our scale up from Nantes, raised €2,000,000 during global lockdown


Following a first fund raising in February 2019 of half a million euros (from Pays de la Loire Développement – Sodero Gestion, Pays de la Loire Participations – regional fund advised by SIPAREX), Mr Suricate announces a second round of financing of 2 million euros from West Web Valley, SWEN Capital Partners and its historical fund Pays De la Loire Participation (SIPAREX).

Fabrice Beck et Fabien Van Herreweghe
Fabien Van Herreweghe

Fabrice BECK,

Chairman of Mr Suricate

«This second round, which comes only 15 months after the first one, is very important for Mr Suricate. It gives our company the means to meet its ambitions. Currently, there is no company test like Mr Suricate on the market with the ability to provide a global offer of tools and services. With this fund raising, we will be able to quickly meet all our objectives, while crossing new technical milestones, especially on the tool’s deeplearning in order to further enhance our services. In addition, we will be able to massively recruit more than sixty employees by the end of 2022 in order to support the company’s growth and, initially, to rapidly position ourselves for continuous integration.»

Fabien Van Herrewghe

Fabien Van Herreweghe,

Managing Director of Mr Suricate

«Mr Suricate gives the opportunity to companies operating on the web to focus on their activities and to outsource their tests and recipes in 100% ‘Remote Suricate’, a rather current trend. Our model has already seduced renowned companies such as FNAC DARTY, TUI France, INTERSPORT, LA POSTE, FRANPRIX, OUI SNCF, MANITOU,…
Indeed, Mr Suricate has very quickly imposed itself on the market thanks to its ability to manage the entire functional test management and thus reduce costs by 10. This 2,000,000 € fund raising will enable us to move up a gear and achieve all our objectives.»


3 investment funds are helping us in this adventure 


«Mr Suricate is a promising scale-up from Nantes that we have been following for a few years, after discovering it thanks to ADN Booster and the Startup Palace. The resilience of the founders combined with the strong interest that the solution is currently arousing in the e-commerce market convinced us to invest in the company’, underline Vladimir Bolze and Sébastien Le Corfec, respectively Director of Participations and Co-founder of West Web Valley.»

SWEN Capital Partners

« SWEN’s investment committee was seduced by the relevance of Mr Suricate’s solution, which is fully in line with the trend towards efficient digitalization. We are all the more delighted to be able to support Fabrice, Fabien and their teams, whose human values are in line with those of SWEN Capital Partners’, says the team involved in the SWEN Capital Partners transaction.»

Pays de la loire participations

« A little over a year ago, Pays de la Loire Participations took part in Mr Suricate’s first fundraising campaign, which was in full commercial expansion. It is a great joy to see this new operation come to life, showing the strengths of the company and the quality of its founders’, mentions Quentin CHANCEREUL, mission director – Pays de la Loire Participations.»